The company

Combining tradition with modernity

Our company is named after Walter H. Becker, who founded it in 1946 at its current location in Triftern, Bavaria. Right from the start, production focussed on sheet-metal work. The first products were inserts for coal wagons, oven screens and coal dumpers – products that are no longer needed today, but there was a need at that time. In 1970, the company specialised in the niche market: the planning, production and installation of steel furniture for medical technology and hospital and clinic requirements.

Strong roots produce a healthy tree

Our know-how became more refined: we started to specialize in the production of steel furniture for medical technology and hospitals – a field in which we have been setting standards for more than 50 years. In our third-generation family business, the quality of materials are important: for instance high-quality chromium nickel steel. And the fourth generation is already actively involved in shaping the company. The care and foresight on which we base our decisions also apply to our work procedures, guaranteeing long-lasting, durable products. Good decisions for your future.

Looking ahead

We are now looking far beyond Triftern and Bavaria. Most of our activities take place throughout Germany. Nevertheless, we have been supplying BECKER quality to hospitals outside of Germany, in Europe, Asia Minor, Africa, Asia and other overseas countries for a long time.

More than 75 years of experience in metalworking and making steel furniture and five decades of manufacturing steel furniture for clinical and hospital applications – our experience of the procedures and challenges facing staff and materials in everyday clinical activities has taught us how to combine functionality with the quality of life and work.

Strong roots produce
a healthy tree